About Our Construction Company

Mollucas Engineering is a company engaged in Civil Engineering and Industrial Construction. Deliver Innovation and Solution under construction

What We Do

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involved with the maintenance design, and construction of both natural and physically built environments

Deep Weel

Provide deep well tools for well drilling on a commercial or industrial scale

British Reinforced Concrete

Provider of BRC (British Reinforced Concretefencing and installation

About Mollucas Engineering

Mollucas Engineering is a company engaged in civil construction. Our company was founded in October 2019, and this is our 2nd year as a Civil Engineering Construction. There have been many projects that we have worked on with our clients.

There are many services we can offer in terms of civil and engineering construction, according to the required needs we can provide several services such as deep well procurement, SPT Sonder testing system, Cone Penetration Test (CPT) test symptom, BRC fence installation, Storage Tank Erection, and other construction work.

Therefore, the satisfaction and comfort of our clients’ clients is our big task in maintaining good relations. Deliver Innovation and Solution under construction

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

Implement an Eco Friendly Construction system in terms of development in protecting the environment


The Newest Technology Repairs

Keep abreast of the times of the technology that we use will always be updated as needed


High Quality Construction Management

We have experts in their respective fields

Years Established

Completed Projects

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Jln. Laksdya Leo Wattimena Passo Ambon Maluku